Tourist district Vrcha - Byzhradec


house of local authority

The first written mention of Semechnice is dated back to 1364. The settlement Podchlumí (the first confirmation of its existence is from 1836) is part of Semechnice. The torso of the castle wall in the forest Chlum close to village indicates that Podchlumí was originally a castle village. Semechnice has Slavonic origin which archeological finds of old mound (from Bronze ages) in the forest Chlum confirm. The name Semechnice developed from clan’s name Semech or Semechna. Semechnice included the settlement Pustina long time ago. Semechnice has been independent since 1849.

Chapel of Ordination Virgin Mary

Chapel of Ordination Virgin Mary (1892) and house of local authority, local cemetery (1881) and cenotaph (1946) are the ancient monuments.