Tourist district Vrcha - Byzhradec



The first written notice of the village is dated back to 1355, until 1848 the village has pertained to Opocno’s manor. Prepychy has been independent since 1849 and in 1960 Prepychy belongs to Rychnov nad Knezna urban district.

As regards local sights, Master Mutina from Dobruska and his son Sezem repaired Church St Prokop in 1361. The present design (with watch tower) has originated in 1506. In 1829 John Chudy from Zahornice decided to build the sculptural group of Calvary – crucifix with St John and St Katherine. The sculptural group was moved to the front of the church and completely repaired in 1858. Wood school building (1762) was rebuilt to brick building in 1832 and the local vicarage was modernized in 1886 in the same way. Other sight’s are the sculptural group of St Cyril and Method (1880), Chapel in Drizna valley, dedicated to Mary from Lurd on the occasion of Emperor Francis Joseph’s 40th birthday in 1880, the way of the Calvary in Drizna park (1890), the Memorial of Anthony Svehla, T.G. Masaryk and war memorial from 1938. The Charity House of Society of Christina St Vincent de Paul’s Christian love was opened in 1988.


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