Tourist district Vrcha - Byzhradec



Village is extended on the gentle slope 313m above the sea-level and its surface with forest is 532ha. The first written news of the village are mentioned in the contract of sale (1495) between Henry from Kunstat, George’s from Podebrad son, and William from Pernstejn. The contract mentioned names of all the villages that belonged to Litice manor (in total 60 names including Bisraz).


Nicholas Dobes from Olbramovic bought Cernikovice, Byzhradec and Trebesov in 1558 and connected up the villages to Cernikovice’s manor where many masters changed – Trcka’s clan, John Jetrich from Zerotin, Hendrich Krafft from Lammendorfa, Mikulas Ales Vit from Rzaveho and on Chotoviny. Francis Charles Libstejn affixed Cernikovice to Rychnov’s manor when Colowrat’s clan was coming in 1676. Under Rychnov’s manor Byzhradec and Cernikovice stayed up to 1848 when the compulsory labour was abolished.

Name Bisraz was later renamed to Bishradec thanks to authorities, known in the authentic documents from 1713. Present name Byzhradec was used since 1922 after the public agreement.


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