Tourist district Vrcha - Byzhradec


bell tower in Bolehost

Village is situated on the root of Orlicke mountains, 260 m above the sea-level and consists of Bolehost, Bolehostska Lhota and Lipiny. The first mention of Bolehost and Bolehostska Lhota is dated to 1394, settlement Lipiny was founded in 1709.

Colloredo clan’s hunting-seat, built in 1700, is significant sight on the hillock above Bolehostska Lhota. Other objects of interest are evangelical school from 1863, catholic school from 1864, local pub from 1900, the Cenotaph from 1928. New council was built in 1964. In 2004 small bell tower was built in honour of 610th anniversary of the first mention of Bolehost. The bell tower was constructed (with original bell from 1644) in the same style as the former fortress which was illustrated before on the seals and stamps. Currently the building is pictured on the logo and the flag of Bolehost.

The installation of gas was finished in 2005.


pond near Bolehost race of teams of horses